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One on One Consultations

Offered in-person or virtually

  • Wondering why your thoughts, behaviors, and emotions follow particular patterns?

  • Do you feel triggered at different times? Or every single time?


It might be connected to your Attachment Experience™. 

Try a 1:1 Attachment Education Consultation; designed to get to the root of your story 

and learn about the science behind attachment theory. 

Once you book your consultation an e-mail will be sent containing a short questionnaire. This will help us determine what you would like to discuss. You are in the driver's seat.

Ready to get started?

Start here:



Need more info?

Book a FREE 15 minute consult or request a pre-recorded video.


Who are the consultations designed for?

  • not quite ready or unsure about therapy, we offer a fantastic alternative.

  • Already seeing a professional, this will help you gain a deeper understanding of yourself through an education-led consultation and may enhance your sessions

  • Interested in learning more about attachment theory or the Attachment Experience™?

Whether you're curious about family dynamics, relationship patterns, or behaviors, Attached at the Root is here to help you explore it all. The Attachment Experience™ – your very own roadmap to understanding the world around you.

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Consultation dates and times

Monday, Tuesday Wednesday

6:00pm - 9:00pm

Thursday, Friday, Saturday

10:00am - 6:00pm

  • Appointments are available in person or virtually.

  • All education consultations are $75.00 for one hour.

  • FREE 15 minute consultation available

Are you ready to uncover the root of some of your daily behaviors and patterns?

Begin your self awareness journey today

with a 60-minute consultation.

Get started by filling out the Consultation questionnaire or send me a message!

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