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'Trauma and Recovery'

by Judith Lewis Herman

This book is also available on Audible and is narrated by the author. The book offers a history of psychology and how it has developed through time.

There is information on healing and honest overviews about captivity, rape and PTSD.

The author discusses EMDR and many other fascinating topics... so informative, yet easy to follow and reader friendly. A recommended read! It's such a good book!


The Deepest Well: Healing the Long Term Effects of Childhood Adversity

by Nadine Burke Harris (2018)

The Deepest Well is a wonderfully written book by Nadine Burke Harris. A Canadian born author, now living in the US, she was on the ground floor of the work linking toxic stress to physical health. In her book Burke Harris discusses her part in the collaborative work surrounding Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs). The Deepest Well tells the story of Diego, a child Burke Harris encountered in her wellness centre, who’s growth was inexplicably stunted. Nadine discusses her journey as she studies the biological effects of such things as divorce, mental illness, neglect and addiction leading to her work with ACEs. One of my favourites!


'Born for Love'

by Maia Szalavitz

This is a fantastic book, one of my favorites! This book peeked my interest into attachment theory and how it relates to childhood trauma. With a focus on the ACEs study, this a MUST read, if you know about the ACE study you will learn how it came to be!  if you're not familiar with ACEs this is a great place to start. The author discusses her early involvement in it's development! Enjoy.


'The Boy Who Was Raised as a Dog'

by Dr. Bruce Perry

This book is astoundingly intelligent and informative. Dr. Perry is a leader in the field of attachment theory and child psychology. This well written compilation of some of Dr. Perry's unique cases provides insight for anyone who is new to attachment theory but also appeals to the well informed. An absolutely wonderful read! Grab a cup of tea, you'll be here for awhile.


Book Recommendations

Black Boxes

A learning theory of attachment:

'Unraveling The Black Box of Attachment'

This article discusses many aspects of attachment theory along with classical and operant conditioning. This article mentions Bowlby and Skinner's theories giving you detailed connections and interpretations of secure attachment.

Article name:

A learning theory of attachment:

'Unraveling The Black Box of Attachment', development

by Bosmans, G. et al (2020)


'Effects of Infant Attachment to Mother and Father on Quality of Adaptation in Preschool: From Dyadic to Individual Organization of Self'

This is an in depth and detailed article written with Alan Sroufe who performed one of the most well renowned longitudinal studies on attachment. This article outlines many confirmations of Mary Ainsworth's and John Bowlby's theories over a then year period. If you are reading up on attachment this is a great supplement that will provide an overview of how behaviour is impacted by attachment styles. It's long so be ready!

Article name:

'Effects of Infant Attachment to Mother and Father on Quality of Adaptation in Preschool: From Dyadic to Individual Organization of Self' by Seuss, G. J., Grossmann, K.E. and Sroufe, A. (1992)

Article Recommendations

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