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Attached at The Root

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Attached at the Root has a fresh approach to building self awareness and experiencing personal growth.

We provide education-based consultations, chats and workshops.


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Attachment Experience

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Attached at the Root promotes self-awareness, self-acceptance, compassion, and empathy, contributing to personal growth and mental wellness. How? Keep reading ....

Your upbringing and life experiences impact behaviour and emotional patterns.

Your Attachment Experience™ is a roadmap to understanding the root of triggers, emotions, strengths, challenges and so much more.


Attached at the Root offers enjoyable and enlightening content that will help you embrace,

forgive, and appreciate your SELF.

Please inquire about our 1:1 Consultations!



The Attachment Experience™ uses the attachment theory  framework to understand the impact of upbringing and life events on our current behaviors patterns, relationships, emotional capacity, personal choices, connections and the list goes on ...

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attachment theory)

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