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Attached at the Root

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Attached at the Root has a new approach to learning about Attachment Theory.

We aren't focused on teaching the science, we're interested in understanding human behaviour (which includes, you, me and the people around us).

Attached at the Root discusses the impact of relationships, life experiences, and connections.

The Attachment Experience

Attached at the Root specializes in sharing information about The Attachment Experience. The Attachment Experience is the result of childhood experiences, life events and relationships, and how it defines you as a partner, friend, neighbor, parent etc ...


Your Attachment Experience has influenced who you are today; how you feel, how you think, how you problem solve, react and respond to situations. 

Why does Attachment matter?

The Attachment Experience is your STORY.

Our workshops, group chats, and events, help you discover your Attachment Experience. 

At Attached at the Root, we offer lighthearted and informative workshops and events that provide insights to help you embrace, forgive and understand your SELF!

Please click here for more on the Attachment Experience

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