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Attached at The Root

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My name is Rosanne and I am the founder of Attached at the Root. I created this company because I love learning about how people react and interact with one another.


More specifically, how life experiences impact who we become as adults, friends, partners, colleagues, neighbors ... you see where I'm going with this :)


Connecting to others and ourselves is vital to mental wellness and having healthy relationships.

I am a Behavioural Insight Counselor, Human Services Professional (BA) with a background in Social Emotional Learning, Education, Child and Youth Care (CYC-P) and Integrated Attachment Therapy (IAP). I have a sincere interest in understanding more about why people have triggers, joys, worries and big emotions.


Attached at the Root makes it possible for me to share what I’ve learned by having conversations through 1:1 consultations and workshops. The conversations revolve around self-understanding and self-appreciation, empathy.

Thank you for spending some time with me!

Attached at the Root offers 1:1 Consultations to help you explore the WHY?

Let's get to the root of some of those "hmmmmm" moments and create some "a-ha" moments.

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