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Attached at The Root

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Attached at the Root has a fresh approach to learning about Attachment Theory, it starts with the Attachment Experience

What is Attachment Theory and

Why Does it Matter?

Attached at the Root approaches attachment theory as a framework to help people understand the connection between their upbringing, life events, and current behaviors.

Attached at the Root aims to promote self-awareness, self-acceptance, and empathy, ultimately contributing to personal growth and mental wellness.




Attachment Experience


Your Attachment Experience™ is a blend of your upbringing, life events, and relationships, shaping your identity as a partner, friend, parent, and beyond!


Your Attachment Experience™ is one-of-a-kind, making your journey through everything utterly distinct!

Attached at the Root offers enjoyable and enlightening content, providing insights that will help you embrace, forgive, and appreciate your SELF.

Please click here for a video description of the Attachment Experience™

We aren't focused on teaching the science, we're interested in understanding human behaviour

Attached at the Root discusses the impact of early experiences on current behaviours, relationships, emotional capacity, personal choices, personality development and connections. Don't worry it's good news!!

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