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Attached at The Root

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  • Is rejection (real or perceived) difficult for you?

  • Do you "clam up" when someone raises their voice?

  • Do you prefer to retreat after a fight and wait ....

  • Do you feel kind of "unsure" of yourself in your friendships and can't quite figure out why?

Believe it or not your childhood may have something to do with it!

Attached at the Root explores your Attachment Experience ™

Attached at the Root examines the connection between early childhood upbringing, past and current life experiences and how they fit together when we make choices, have big (or not enough) emotions and keep falling into the same patterns but can't quite make sense of why! 

We use the Attachment Theory framework to get to the root of some of those "hmmmmm" moments. We help clients make connections between experiences and the "true self".

With an understanding of the origin we might be able to change the pattern.


Want to learn more about Attachment Theory? Click the link below or visit the resource page.

Want to book a consultation click the link below for more details.

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